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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Day - More WoW Servers

Thanks to the communities submissions and our new systems we've tracked down a few more errand World of Warcraft servers to add to the list. You can see them below if you're interested.

We've also started patching up a few servers on the list which seemed to be missing some results, which should mean better searches for some of you! This is an ongoing task and we have to clean things up for a few more providers until we are finished.

As always with the brand new servers please allow a few days for us to get products details.

Thanks once again for your submissions! Happy gaming.

Servers added:

Nordrassil, Warhammer, Magtheridon, Neptulon

Drak`thul, Azshara, Agamaggan, Duskwood, Blackdragonflight, Dalvengyr