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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Everquest & Everquest Under the Knife

As part of our commitment to bringing you guys the biggest and best overview of what is available on the secondary market we've turned out attentions to tidying up the Everquest and Everquest 2 listings.

It's been a while since we looked at these and we've discovered a number of servers no longer exist, while some others are new to us and have been added.

As always this review can lead to some disruption to the listings for these games before everything settles down again. Shouldn't really be that noticable but if it does affect you then we apologise, and please try again in 24-48 hours :)

Happy Gaming


Everquest Servers Removed:

Ayonae Ro, Brell Serilis, E'ci, Firiona Vie, Innoruuk, Kael Drakkal, Kane Bayle, Karana, Lanys T'Yvl, Mithaniel Marr, Morden Rasp, Morell Thule, Rallos Zek, Rodcet Nife, Sebilis, Solusek Ro, Stormhammer, Stromm, Sullon Zek, Tallon Zek, Tarew Marr, Terris Thule, Tholuxe Paells, Torvonnilous, Vallon Zek, Vazaelle, Veeshan, Venril Sathir, Xev, Zebuxoruk

Everquest Servers Added:

Al'Kabor (Mac), Escape to Norrath

Everquest 2 Servers Removed:

Faydark, Grobb, Highkeep, Innothule, Lavastorm, Neriak, Oggok, Shadowhaven, Steamfont, Toxxulia

Everquest 2 Servers Added:

Venekor, Darathar, Gorenaire, Sebilis, Talendor, Nagafen


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