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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Griffin Riding 101

Have you ever jumped on a Griffin and selected some far off destination only to get a few moments from take off and realize that actually you should be heading somewhere else? Or perhaps a Guildie has popped up in chat pleading for you to help them in a dungeon, which as it happens you could do with visiting as well?

So what to do? You're stuck on this winged beast hurtling through the skies of Azeroth in the wrong direction! Time to ask your Guildie to please wait 15 minutes while you grab a cuppa and hop on a return ride ASAP.

Following on from Ashakeeras' thread on the offical WoW Europe forums, with suggestions Blizzard allow us to hurl ourselves from our feathery transport [ :) ] I had my own few thoughts on the matter.

As Ashakeera notes in her thread, allowing players to drop from the Griffin, although fun, would open up a potential can of exploitative worms with players ending up where they shouldn't be (one of the reasons flying mounts will be confined to Outland in the upcoming Burning Crusade expansion). That said this already happens in abundance and from what I can see does little to affect most peoples enjoyment of the game.

I would suggest slightly different approaches. For example why not have the option to turn the Griffin around and head back to your start location if that will be quicker for you? Might tax you some Gold for the priviledge - but that's reasonable for the service.

Or you could have a learnable Griffin "riding" skill of sorts, such that while in flight you could bring up the flightpath map and direct your Griffin to a new location. Perhaps a limit on the number of times per flight would be in order to keep people from being permanently airborn! You could also put a level limit on the places you could redirect to.

I guess the Griffin "riding" skill would have to be something you quest for as an extra as it's not essential to have it to play the game. Higher level players are more likely to make use of such a skill, but I can't see why it shouldn't be available at lower levels as well.

What do you think? Do you find yourself regularly cursing the Griffin masters, or simply admiring the beautiful scenery of Azeroth?


Blogger Shalkis said...

A small hint: It's the client that's in charge of flights with multiple waypoints. So if you started a flight from say.. Theramore to Cenarion Hold and realized your mistake after taking off, just log off mid-flight and log back in. The flight will stop at at Gadgetzan and you are free to choose a new destination from there.

Of course, this tip doesn't help much if you use long routes, like Auberdine - Theramore, Moonglade - Thunder Bluff or Undercity - Kargath.

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