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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


"Holy banannas Batman! Can we get ourselves over to the European WoW realms please? It's over 6 times cheaper to buy gold there than here in the good 'ol US of A!"

I had noticed some time ago a tendency for the value of EU gold to drop, while its US counterpart slowly rose. It seems that this process has in fact continued, and right now the cheapest EU server is about 6x cheaper for a given amount of gold than it is on the cheapest US!

What does it all mean? Well in short I don't know. Perhaps there is more demand for EU gold and therefore suppliers can cut the price and sell more units. Perhaps there is a lack of demand and therefore prices are lowered to increase interest. Any comments from WoW Gold suppliers?

I'm not going to attempt to carry an educated discussion on this because, well, I don't have enough information or time to right now :)

But what do you think? Moral quibbles about Gold buying aside, why would the two markets look so very different?


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