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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Selling a Level 70 Character

The Burning Crusade is upon us! The Dark Portal has reopened and brave adventurers are pouring through into Hellfire Penninsula to fight the demonic menace that lays beyond. Meanwhile new faces are taking their first steps in the world of Azeroth - alliances have been forged and lines drawn as the Drenai and Blood Elves become either your new friends or sworn enemies.

In amongst all the eager adventurers there will be many with a single purpose in mind - get to level 70. Why? For some this will simply be for the kudos of being the first to get there, or to be among the most power characters in the game. For some this will be business.

Of course it is easiest to generate gold and items for sale when you hit the level cap - at this point a masive majority of the mobs in the game become soloable and farmable for the goodies they drop.

Ok, so no doubt our RMT friends will already be hacking their way through Outland and toward level 70, but here's my question: How much would a level 70 character sell for?

What's it worth to you, in real money terms, to have the most powerful character, and how important is it to have that character immediately?

The other question on my mind is: How soon?

You can grind to level 60 in 7 days /played time in the original WoW, and I'm sure I read somewhere that the progression to 70 was supposed to be a similar experience - so could we begin seeing level 70s in just a weeks time?

Personally, while I would be tempted to simply buy a level 70 as soon as one was available, I would also lament all the content that I would miss out on getting to the level myself. If I already had a level 70 then my opinion would probably be very different.

Time will tell - perhaps by the time I've grinded to 65 I'll be cracking open the piggy bank and putting down my bid :)


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