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Sunday, May 07, 2006

WoW Diary: 2rue Blue

It's been a long time coming but finally today I found something worth buying on the auction house for my level 60 rogue.

Luckily for me I've been grinding cash in Azshara for the last month so I had a few hundered Gold on me when a Scarlet Kris popped up. Not something you see everyday, so I waded in there and accepted the 'buyout' price. It's much nicer than the 30 odd DPS dagger I had before and comes with +10 Sta and +10 Agi, which is great on a weapon for a rogue.

I was quite chuffed with that. But today seems to have been a good day...

After I had put a whole load of items on the auction house I headed back to Azshara (I like farming the Legashi Satyrs there) and started hacking my way through them, with a certain sense of satisfaction with my now much improved DPS.

There's a few chests that spawn around the Legashi Encampment, and usually I'm lucky to find a decent amount of silver in them, let alone an item of any value. Today seems to have been my lucky day then as I popped open a chest to find a shiny blue Hanzo Sword inside.

For a casual gamer like me two blues on the same day is great. The Hanzo sword and the few greens/fel cloth I got during my rounds today will have covered the price of my shiny new Scarlet Kris.

All in all I'm pleased.

PS Forgive the attempted 'play on words' (of sorts) in the title. It's supposed to read 'True Blue'.


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