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Thursday, May 24, 2007

FYI: Gold Scam

Via GamerWealth

"There is a scam becoming popular in the RMT market. A player in-game may see our characters standing next to each other and they will assume its a gold sale. Once we split up, they will send a tell saying that our DB crashed (or some other made up story) and we need the gold back.

GamerWealth, nor ANY website, will ever ask you to return sold gold to them. Please do not fall for this scam. If you're playing a PvP game we ask that the only thing you deliver to them is a beating they wont soon forget :P

(If you have doubts about anything a character in-game tells you, please contact our site to verify that the character belongs to us)"

Take it in and make sure no-one scams you out of your gold!