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Friday, June 30, 2006

RF Online and Auto Assault Added!


Both these games have been out for a little while, but until now there weren't enough providers selling currency for them for us to think it was sensible to add them. But now there are!

As these games are still new the currency can be a little scare, so don't be too surprised if you don't find what you're looking for immediately. Keep trucking though. It will all come in time :)

Also, please note that these games have just go on the list so they wont be included until approx. 5am GMT 1st July 2006.

Happy Gaming All!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Day - More WoW Servers

Thanks to the communities submissions and our new systems we've tracked down a few more errand World of Warcraft servers to add to the list. You can see them below if you're interested.

We've also started patching up a few servers on the list which seemed to be missing some results, which should mean better searches for some of you! This is an ongoing task and we have to clean things up for a few more providers until we are finished.

As always with the brand new servers please allow a few days for us to get products details.

Thanks once again for your submissions! Happy gaming.

Servers added:

Nordrassil, Warhammer, Magtheridon, Neptulon

Drak`thul, Azshara, Agamaggan, Duskwood, Blackdragonflight, Dalvengyr

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Scourge are Nearly Upon Us!

According to this Blizzplanet post we have only a matter of hours left before the Scourge begin to invade Azeroth!

World of Warcraft Patch 1.11 - Shadow of the Necropolis, is released today.

The key to this patch is the introduction of a new uber tough end-game dungeon, Naxxramas. However there are other updates which you can find in the patch notes, or if that link is now dead, by visiting the official World of Warcraft website.

To get into Naxxramas you need to be attuned, and to be attuned you need a good reputation with the Argent Dawn. Depending on your level of reputation with the Argent Dawn attunement will set you back:

1) At Honored with Argent Dawn, you have to give the following materials :

  • 60 Gold
  • 1 Righteous Orb
  • 2 Nexus Crystals
  • 5 Arcane Crystals

2) At Revered with Argent Dawn, you have to give the following materials :

  • 30 Gold
  • 2 Arcane Crystal
  • 1 Nexus Crystals

3) At Exalted with Argent Dawn, the Naxxramas Attunement is FREE.

Naxxramas will feature uber rewards for those brave enough to venture inside with the introduction of Teir 3 Armor Sets, some nice new weapons and a Legendery Staff!

That's enough from me. I'm sure you know this all already anyway.

Give 'em Scourge hell lads!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

More WoW Server Updates

As part of our server review we've added the following servers to our list today:

EU servers

The Venture Co,Kazzak,Dalvengyr,Drek'thar,Dentarg,Khadgar

US servers

Alexstrasza,Demon Soul,Draka,Khaz'goroth,Stonemaul,Lightninghoof,Thorium Brotherhood,Khadgar

Give it a few days and you should start to see listings for these servers.

In the meantime the server review continues (for every game), so please keep your suggestions coming in!

Happy Gaming!

Friday, June 09, 2006

WoW Server Updates

We've added 60 servers across both the EU and US realms today.

We'll be adding provider prices for these servers over the next 48hours or so and we're still looking at the rest of the servers you guys have submited. Some of them don't seem to be listed on provider sites, but perhaps we're just not looking hard enough!

It is something we are still working on though. We will get you your Gold! Keep your suggestions coming in, it really helps a lot :)

If you're interested I've posted below the list of servers we've added today for the Eu and US realms.


Ahn'Qiraj, Boulderfist, Bronzebeard, Confrerie du Thorium, Conseil Des Ombres, Eitrigg, Eonar, Executus, Genjuros, Grim Batol, Hakkar, Haumarush, Jaedenar, Krag'jin, Kul Tiras, Kule Der Verdammten, La Croisade Ecarlate, Laughing Skull, Lightning's Blade, Moonglade, Mug'thol, Outland, Quel'Thalas, Rexxar, Scarshield Legion, Senjin, Talnivarr, Tarren Mill, Tichondrius, Trollbane, Uldaman, Vek'lor, Vek'nilash, Xavius, Ysera, Ysondre


Aegwynn, Akama, Andorhal, Anetheron, Balnazzar, Cho'Gall, Chromaggus, Eitrigg, Emerald Dream, Executus, Hakkar, Haomarush, Jubei'Thos, Korgath, KulTiras, Mug'Thol, Muradin, Norgannon, Rexxar, Runetotem, Senjin, Turalyon, Vek'nilash, Ysera, Ysondre

Monday, June 05, 2006

Things Did Go Funky!


Those few new additions made things go a little mad.

I've addressed the issues that came up, and hopefully thats the last of it... For now I've rolled back to the last update until we update again circa 9am GMT. Should still provide accurate searches.


Important Notice

Update: Things Did Go Funky!

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that some changes have been made to how we update Eye On MOGS today. Now, they work fine on the development machine, but you never quite know what will happen upon going live until you do so.

In short you may find that the listings are erratic at the next update (circa 9pm GMT), you may also find some other errors like links not working. This is all a maybe, it could equally go off without a hitch.

Rest assured if things do go funky I will be on the case to fix them ASAP.

There is another set of updates later in the week so things may go awry then as well, but then we should be rocking and rolling again.

Thanks for your patience and for the Missing Server details that you have been submitting over the last week or so. They have not gone unoticed and, touch wood, these will go in with the updates this week.

Happy gaming.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

2 Players Clear Blackrock Depths [video]

"Leif is a Warrior lvl 60 and Horadric a Paladin lvl 60 from Peg Legged Boys Guild at Arathor Realm in Europe. The human warrior and the dwaf paladin -- believe it or not -- soloed Blackrock Depths and cleared it. And they have a movie to demonstrate it. "

Just goes to show what you can do with the right tactics and patience :) I've not made it half as far as these two with a full group in Blackrock Depths!

Next video should be a 5 man Molten Core raid. Lol. I laugh, but I have heard that some groups of 7 have managed it.

Check out BlizzPlanet for the Google Video link and a 300Mb downloadable WMV version.

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Personal Encounter with a Bot

I've been playing World of Warcraft for what I would consider a long time now. I've also been 60 for quite a while and as a casual gamer I find myself with only a few things to work towards during my time online.

The two main of these are saving for my epic mount and farming Evil Bat Eyes for Darkmoon Faire rep. in order to get the 1,200 Ticket reward - Amulet of the Darkmoon.

I usually farm up around Azshara for cash as I find it's relatively quiet and peaceful place. As a skinner there are plenty of sources of Rugged Leather and the humanoids in the area are pretty generous with their cash drops as well as Rune Cloth and Mageweave. For my money they also seem to have less hit points than MOBs of similar levels in other zones.

During my time up around Azshara I recently came across a player who is always in one of the Legashi Encampments. It happens to be my favorate grind spot, and the competition for resources was a pain. I realised quite quickly that this must be a bot due to the erratic behaviour and the apparent lack of awareness of my presence. I confirmed this some time later after actually getting to talk to the farmer behind the bot. As it turns out he works for IGE (Or makes money selling his Gold to them).

I have nothing against farming personally, and I think I would have quit WoW a long time ago if RMT services hadn't been available to keep me ticking over. However I do feel put out when I find that my grind spot is being camped by someone else, whether a farmer or just another player.

It's a pain when you have to compete with someone else for resources. But after a few days spent farming aside this bot I realised that he was a better companion than another player.

Why? Simply because of his botty nature. You see this particular bot program seems to just follow a selection of waypoints killing MOBs as the character runs into them. The order of the waypoints never changes and the bot goes to each regardless of whether there is a MOB to kill or not.

This makes it very easy for me to skip around the bot and kill the MOBs before it gets there. I was farming today for about an hour and was getting 9/10 of the available kills. Which left me happy, but with a guilty feeling.

The person behind this bot is simply trying to do a job, and forgetting any moral objections you may have, you can not argue with this. Everyone has to do something to take care of themselves and their loved ones. In many low wage economies farming games like WoW is as good a way of getting paid as working a bar job or as a janitor.

So while I was merrily farming my 10gold I was depriving this person of the money they need to survive. My 1 hour intrusion is likely to make little difference as he will be botting until the day is out, but it has made me stop and think.

That's a slight digression from my orginal point which was to simply say that although I hear a lot of negative press about botting (indeed some companies involved in RMT say that it can be bad for the games economy and don't encourage it) for my part it seems like an activity that can be easily negated in WoW at least.