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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WoW Server Updates

The following servers have made it onto our lists today (in no particular order):


Sentinels, Garithos, Nazjatar, Arygos, Fenris, Drenden, Shandris, Blood Furnace, Bladefist, Azuremyst, Alterac Mountains, Area52, Ravencrest, Auchindoun, Coilfang, Farstriders, Quel'dorei, Rivendare, Tortheldrin, Trollbane, Zangarmarsh


Anetheron, Gnomeregn, Kilrogg, Garithos, Shandris, Twisted Nether, Alterac Mountains, Area 52, Hellfire, Bronze Dragonflight, Ravencrest, Das Syndikat, Auchindoun, Echsenkessel, Festung der Sturme, Ghostlands, Todeswache

That's 35 new servers! I have to apologise for the delay in adding some of these. Thanks go out to all those who submitted missing servers to us!

As always please allow some time for these new servers to get listings, for some it will be 24-48 hours, for others it will be longer. Remember to keep bugging us if we drop the ball on any of them!

To help with the community submitted missing servers I've updated the missing server page today. A number of submissions were coming through with no idiom or game mentioned and while it's possible to check manually what these should be, it adds time and complication which isn't necessary.

So I've updated the rather lack-lustre missing server form so you can easily select the game/idiom, pop in your server name, email address and any comments you want.

Happy gaming all,


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