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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Targets. It's all about targets

I don't know about everyone else, but I had a few things that I wanted to try to get done before the Burning Crusade was released. Top of my list was to get an epic mount, closely followed by a full tier 0.5 set (in my case Darkmantle) and finally to get a few PvP epics from Alterac Valley.

Now I've still got a few days until my copy of the Burning Crusade turns up, but I think that's unfortunately still going to leave me a ways off my goal :( Not that I really mind, I expect I can survive in Outland without all the above, and it will give me a reason to come back to Azeroth on occasion - at least until I get to level 65 or so when I guess tier 0.5 will be looking pretty uninteresting!

How about you guys? Did you intend to get some things done before BC? Tidy up your quest log? Grind a bit more rep? See a few new dungeons? Base jump off of Loch Modan damn?

Now the expansion is here will you be dumping those goals, or pressing on for the principal of it?

P.S I've already got 2 goals in mind for level 70 (a long way off I'm sure):- 1) Get a flying mount and, 2) triumphantly return to Azeroth and solo Molten Core! :)


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