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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Outland? Outlandish!

Finally after what feels like forever the Burning Crusade is here - on my computer!

My copy arrived on Saturday morning, a few days after the official release so as to miss some of the first night queues I envisaged. Installing was quick and easy thanks to all the patches I already had and then I was in and ready to step through the Dark Portal into lands unknown.

I have to say I spent an unhealthy amount of time on Saturday and Sunday geeking out, managing to ding to 61 before collapsing on Sunday night. And good fun it was to!

I logged in again today over lunch to do a little questing and make use of the rested XP I'd accrued over Monday. I decided to head off to Gor'Gaz outpost and have a crack at the 'Fel Spirits' quest. Seemed straight forward enough, and the right level for me. After 30 minutes I had 3 spirits killed, I would have had the 10 had it not been for a pesky preist stealing all my spirits!

But thats not the point of this post. While I was killing the Shattered Hand Guards to get to the spirits I picked up an unexpected item. A Blue item (Oooo), a Tome (Ooooo), a Mage item (bah - I'm a Rogue), a Level 70 item (Oooooo) - Wait. What!?

I don't know if the rules have changed in Outland, but my recollection was that mobs drop items around 3-5 levels below their level. So, how did a level 61 drop a level 70 blue? My guess is a bug, but in any case I'm holding onto this because I figure when Mages hit 70 its going to fetch a handsome price!

Anyone else found any unexpected or just really cool items during their travels around the outlandish Outland?

Edit: I also just realised I picked up a quest reward for marking towers at Zeth'gor. A blue leather chest piece with 425 armor! Not a big fan of armor as a rogue (other stats on it are nice though), but it made me stop and stare as this is by far the most armor I've ever seen on a leather item - and at level 60?


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