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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Happens Next? You Decide!

Ok. We're at a crossroads and we're wondering which way to go. Or whether to go both ways at once!

We've got two new enhancements waiting in the wings, but we're not sure which will be the most valuable to you guys.

So we thought we had better ask you!

We've setup a 'Voting Booth' over at the Eye On MOGS website where you can se what our new developments are about and vote for whichever you think is the better idea. Or, if you think there is something else we could be doing to improve you can send us an email and we'll take it onboard.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Unfair Goings-On

I'm generally a big fan of the 1.11 Scourge Invasion patch for World of Warcraft.

However one thing does bug me.

At Lights Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands a whole lot more NPCs and guards have been added, and these guards act much as the Bruisers in Booty Bay. If you start a fight with the opposing faction they charge in and slaughter you (not hard as they are 60 Elites). That's fair enough and plays nicely with the lore that the Argent Dawn are a neutral party of sorts, favoring neither the Alliance or Horde.

Here is my problem. If you are a caster you can get outside of the guards agro range and attack other players! As a melee class (rogue) I find this really unfair and very annoying. I'm begining to loose count of the number of occasions I've been trying to repair, sell some junk or pick up a quest when all of a sudden I'm hit by several DOTs or a couple or fireballs from a mage.

That normally knocks me down to about half health so even if I was to try to retaliate I probably wouldn't make it to my enemy before they finished me off. And lest we forget if I do try to defend myself the guards will rush in and hack me to bits!

Anyway just thought I would share my gripe :) Anyone else have similar experiences? Or other comments on the new patch?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Raffle Draw Coming Sunday!

It's your last chance to Enter the June-July Raffle (we started it a bit late in June...) and win up to $100 to spend at MOGS.

It's free to enter, only takes 5 minutes and you could win $10-100 off your next purchase!

Winners will be drawn at 00:01AM Monday 10th July.

Keep an eye out for next months raffle/competition coming soon in July.

Everquest & Everquest Under the Knife

As part of our commitment to bringing you guys the biggest and best overview of what is available on the secondary market we've turned out attentions to tidying up the Everquest and Everquest 2 listings.

It's been a while since we looked at these and we've discovered a number of servers no longer exist, while some others are new to us and have been added.

As always this review can lead to some disruption to the listings for these games before everything settles down again. Shouldn't really be that noticable but if it does affect you then we apologise, and please try again in 24-48 hours :)

Happy Gaming


Everquest Servers Removed:

Ayonae Ro, Brell Serilis, E'ci, Firiona Vie, Innoruuk, Kael Drakkal, Kane Bayle, Karana, Lanys T'Yvl, Mithaniel Marr, Morden Rasp, Morell Thule, Rallos Zek, Rodcet Nife, Sebilis, Solusek Ro, Stormhammer, Stromm, Sullon Zek, Tallon Zek, Tarew Marr, Terris Thule, Tholuxe Paells, Torvonnilous, Vallon Zek, Vazaelle, Veeshan, Venril Sathir, Xev, Zebuxoruk

Everquest Servers Added:

Al'Kabor (Mac), Escape to Norrath

Everquest 2 Servers Removed:

Faydark, Grobb, Highkeep, Innothule, Lavastorm, Neriak, Oggok, Shadowhaven, Steamfont, Toxxulia

Everquest 2 Servers Added:

Venekor, Darathar, Gorenaire, Sebilis, Talendor, Nagafen

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Pallid Horror Says: "Grrr"

What do you get when you take 1 Level 60 Elite Pallid Horror, several 55 Elite Flameshockers and a Stormwind more-or-less devoid of any level 60s (except yours truely)? Carnage.

As part of Blizzard's latest patch Stormwind (and I guess other major cities) seem to occasionally get unwelcome visits from elite, I wont hurt you unless you hurt me, Scourge. Until last night I would have imagined this wouldn't be much of an issue. I expected that a few of the elite named guards would come running around the corner and, joined by the copious normal city guards, would quickly polish off the nasties.

Well I was wrong. The Scourge did themselves proud last night and ran amuck in Stormwind for a good 15-20 minutes, killing all the NPCs (and unfortunate players) they came across. I was quite shocked that a single 60 elite mob was beating to death several elite guards!

Obviously the calibre of the Alliances defense is not as high as it should be :)

This is the sort of content I personally think Blizzard should be introducing more of. It finally feels like something is happening in Azeroth, which has been feeling somewhat stale since I hit 60.